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Family Adventure: RV Trip Across the Americas

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Ever dream of getting away from it? Learn how you can prepare for your own adventure as Mike shares how he and his wife took their family on an RV trip across the Americas!

Planning a Family Adventure

Have you ever imagined taking a trip together? No, not a one-week vacation or a cruise to the Caribbean. I'm talking about leaving your job, home, and exploring some part of the world for awhile.

What usually happens though is your dream interrupted by the questions like,

They're normal questions and concerns to have. I'd take it as a sign that you're someone who thinks things through. But wouldn't be fun to shake up things a little?

Mike is on the show to help you go from dream to reality by sharing his story and take on things. He and his wife are wrapping a trip they took as a family five through the Americas.

In this episode we look into:

Hope you enjoy!

If you want to see how another family toured the country, check out my interview with Derek and Carrie Olsen.

Resources to Travel More

Want to learn travel more this year? Here are some resources to check out to get you up and running with travel hacking:

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Music Credit

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This episode was originally released on May 2017. Show notes have been updated May 2021

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