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Looking to stay on top of your money together without a complicated system? Learn how you can win with money and how HoneyFi can help you dump your debt and build wealth together!

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Finding Your Best Money System as a Couple

Ramy Serageldin and Sam Shultz had different ways they were managing their money. You'll hear in just a bit their systems and how it changed.

Like many couples, they wanted something simple.

But unlike most of us, Ramy, Sam, and their partner Joe Stanish decided to do something about it.

I met them last year in San Diego about an idea they were working on and now it's an app.

These three co-founded and publically released HoneyFi last month- a new money app designed for couples.

I don't usually do profiles of FinTech companies, but I thought HoneyFi's situation was relevant because the app is based on a very real challenge couples have – how do you find a way to manage your money that you're both happy with?

So I'm grateful that they're sharing today what worked and hasn't for them.

We'll talk about few cool features, but more along how you can apply these ideas with your own money chats and dates.

In this episode, we'll go over:

  • getting started and comfortable about money as a couple
  • setting things up so you still have some fun money
  • working together to reach your shared and personal goals

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Budget Together

Do you two want to get on the same page with budgets? Here are some helpful resources mentioned in the episode and more.

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