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Looking to start and run a business together? Learn how Nellie Akalp and her husband built their business, eventually sold it for millions, and started another one!

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Run a Business Together

Launching a business can be stressful. Having a partner can alleviate some of the stress as you're sharing the load, but what if your partner is also your spouse?

Can you find a way to stay happily married and run a business?

Nellie Akalp and her husband have done it not once, but twice. They celebrated their 20th year anniversary with her husband and business partner.

The couple started their first business in 1997 with $100 in their small apartment living room. Eight years later that business was acquired by Intuit for $20 million.

Instead of retiring early, they got back into the industry in 2009 with the launch of CorpNet, which they run today helping entrepreneurs.

Nellie is here to chat about working as a couple. We'll get into:

  • how they launched a business with a single page website
  • working together as entrepreneurs and spouses
  • resources she recommends for those ready to make the leap

Hope you enjoy!

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Resources on Launching a Business

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