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How to Have the Money Talk as a Couple (without Fighting)

Learn how you two can master your money together by having the money talk!

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Looking to dump the debt and build wealth together? Learn how you two can have the money talk without starting a fight! 

Talking About Money with Your Spouse

In this week’s episode, we’ll be discussing one of the biggest concerns couples have when it comes to love and finances – having the money talk.

When I say the, I mean the exposing your finances to one another. This is a big step and scary step, especially if there is some messiness like debt involved.

For years, I shared monthly net worth updates on Couple Money, but I never really got into the first time we had an open and honest conversation about our finances. We're going to fix that today.

My husband joins me on the podcast as we reminisce about our own money chat.

We began having money chats after we got engaged. It's been a gamechanger.

Did we do everything right? No.

We built a foundation that has helped us find a way to communicate and get a system started for handling our money.

I also share some tools and tips that you can use to prepare you for when you have to talk to your spouse about finances.

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Resources on Marriage & Money

If you want to build your marriage and wealth together, here are a few of my favorite resources.

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This episode was originally released on October 2014. Show notes have been updated September 2019.

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