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With wedding season here, it’s time to discuss newlyweds and finances. What are the essentials every couple should know before merging their money?

Newlyweds and Finances

With wedding season here, it's time to discuss newlyweds and finances. What are the essentials every couple should know before merging their money?

Marriage and money can sometimes be complicated, stressful, and tricky when you’re not on the same page.

Ideally, you’ll have the conversations before you tie the knot, but even if you’ve been married for years it’s possible to get on the right track together.

This week I was invited to join in on chat hosted by Experian talking about Financial Tips for Newlyweds. We covered a lot of ground.

Everyone discussed from personal experience and from what they’ve seen with others couples big issues and questions that come up when you’re married such as:

  • key financial items couples should discuss
  • financial information should married couples know about each other
  • advice for newlyweds

I want to share just a few highlights with you.

Hope you enjoy!

Find Out More About the #CreditChat Panel

Special thanks to Zina, Rod, and Christina for the chat!

I had a wonderful time with everyone. Experian has these credit chats every Wednesday 3pmET. If you want to hear the whole chat, including:

  • financial documents you need to update and change
  • money management tips do you have for couples who have a large pay disparity or one spouse not working
  • manage finances with a spouse who financially supports extended family members

Please head over to here!

You can catch Zina and how she became debt free in 3 years at Debt Free After Three.

Resources to Merge Money and More

If you’re looking tips, stories, and advice to make merging finances easier, here are a few to check out!

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