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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in Five Years

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Want to be completely debt free? Andy Hill, of Marriage, Kids, and Money, shares the strategies and tactics he and his wife are using to pay off their mortgage in five years! 

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage ASAP

A few months ago I had my friend, Steve Stuart here to talk about what it felt like to not have a mortgage payment and own their home free and clear.

It's been a blessing for his family and at the time we were speaking it felt like a far-off dream for us but we're now approaching a point where our only debt would be the house.

No credit cards car payments or student loan payments to send out. In a few weeks, we're going to review our finances for the year and talk about our plans for the next including what are we going to do with the mortgage.

How fast do we want to pay it off?

to help me weigh my options, I recently discovered a couple who are and ready to pay their mortgage off ASAP. 

Andy, of Marriage, Kids, & Money, is on the podcast today and he's sharing their ambitious debt free plan today.

In this episode we get into:

Hope you enjoy!

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If you want to hear from someone who has paid off their mortgage early, listen to my episode with Steve Stewart.

Resources for Paying Off Debt Faster

Want to learn more? Here are some resources to check out:

Why Andy and Nicole Want to Pay Off the Mortgage Early

Part of Andy and Nicole's family plan included moving towards being a one income household.

By paying off their other debts and minimizing their monthly expenses, the Hill decided that what was best for them was Nicole taking some time off to spend more time with their kids.

They also wanted to minimize the interest paid over the life of the loan. That money saved could go towards other goals or at least reduce how much they'd need for retirement.

Paying off their mortgage was a milestone they wanted to achieve so they worked on an aggressive plan to reach it.

How They Paid Off Their Mortgage in Less than 5 Years

The first key with the Hills' plan was the mortgage they had with their house. They had put a sizable down payment down and decided they wanted to have a 15 year mortgage.

What we do is pay about on average about $500 extra on principal each month but we also so I get paid 26 times a year as opposed to the typical 24 times a year you know twice a month.

So what we decided when we bought the house was that we're just going to pretend we only get paid 24 times a year and we're gonna take those two extra checks and throw them at the mortgage as well.

So we have that extra monthly payment but we also have two other times per year that we make a big old payment.

So we essentially just live on those 24 checks.

Andy Hill [7:01]

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