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Retire Early By Rethinking Your Priorities

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 Learn how Liz and Nate from Frugalwoods found their homestead, prepared for early retirement while becoming new parents!

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How to Retire Early with Baby in Tow

Years ago while living and working in D.C. Liz and Nate realized they weren't content with their career and life trajectory. They came together and decided that it was time to make drastic changes their lifestyle.

Instead of spending, they were looking for ways to save for financial independence while living a meaningful and fun life together.

After some years of hard work, they are now preparing for retirement next year on their 66-acre homestead in Vermont. Oh, by the way, they're in their early 30s!

In this episode, Liz shares:

Hope you enjoy!

Early Retirement Links and Resource

If you want to learn more about early retirement, here are some resources to check out:

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