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With some strategic money moves, Rob and his wife Sara will be retiring by 40. Find out which small changes have had the biggest impact and how you can use them to retire early!

Money Hacks: Small Changes, Huge Impact

With some strategic money moves, Rob and his wife Sara will be retiring by 40. Find out small changes have had the biggest impact and how you can use them!

Having high income can be a fantastic aid to speed things along towards early retirement, but it's not required. You can set yourselves up financially even if you make a more typical income.

Rob's a federal employee working as an accountant. His paycheck has never been extravagant but he's on track to retire by 40.

He and his wife Sara have been writing about how they're doing it on Mustard Seed Money. Like the biblical reference, Rob wants to share how small changes can lead to big results.

They're on today to discuss:

  • why and how they first talked about money in their marriage
  • finding ways to keep their monthly expenses (especially the big ones) low
  • having fun along the journey

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Resources to Retire Early & Money Hacks

If you two are looking at early retirement or to become financially independent, check out these resources.

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