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Want to see more of the world, but are limited by budget? Learn how one couple used travel hacking so their entire family could take fantastic trips! 

Travel Hacking as a Family

Want to have an adventure or two this year as a family, but on a budget? No problem.

Today’s guest, Dan Miller from Points With a Crew, comes on the podcast to help out.

In today’s episode he shares:

  • how to choose the right credit cards to maximize rewards
  • staying out of debt while staying on top of their credit cards
  • tricks and tips on getting kids ready for traveling

Hope you enjoy!

If you’re looking for more travel tips from a couple with kids, please check out my interview with early retiree Justin from Root of Good.

Resources to Travel MoreLearn how one family used travel hacking to take free and cheap trips with their kids!

Want to learn more about travel hacking?

Here are some resources to check out to get you up and running this year:

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