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Looking for a smarter way to plan for retirement? Nick, Divvy Investments founder, comes on the podcast to answer your biggest investing questions! 

Smarter Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory

I’ve been writing and (now podcasting) about personal finance and over the years I’ve received plenty of questions about money.

One popular topic is retirement.

While it may not be a day to day concern with many couples trying to juggle family, work and more, it doesn’t mean they’re not worried about it.

Today we’re going to answer your big investing questions.

I’m a big believer in educating yourself with finances. No one is going to care about your finances as you do.

Being knowledgeable helps you to protect yourself from making huge money mistakes.

But I’m not against learning from others and tapping into their expertise. So to get into the details with investing, I’ve recruited some help – Nick Bradfield, Divvy Investments founder.

Hope you enjoy!

Investing, Modern Portfolio Theory, & More

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