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Learn how you two can define your priorities, find ways to slash your monthly expenses, and achieve financial independence together!

Financial Independence Together

How are you two doing on your goals this year? Are things chugging along pretty well or you had a bump in the road?

For us, January has been not that we expected. We had to make a couple of trips to Virginia to see a dear friend when they went into hospice and shortly after again when they lost their battle with cancer.

While we've done a pretty good job with our finances, you can imagine, our minds and priorities were on other more important matters.

If you had a setback or looking to get back on track with your goals, Ziv from Our Financial Path is on the show today to share his stories and some tips to help.

In this episode we get into:

  • deciding together on what's your priorities
  • finding ways to save with their budget
  • living a good life without sacrificing quality

Hope you enjoy!

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Resources on Discovering Your Financial Path

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