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Do you feel like the money you're making on paper doesn't match up with the life you're living now?

You could have a financial blind spot.

Today we're going to talk about how you can find and break mindless spending to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year!

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How to Break the Mindless Spending Cycle

We all do it.

It might be small amounts every day perhaps driving by to grab coffee and breakfast on the way to work or going out for lunch with colleagues.

It could be those Amazon deliveries that show up at our doors, tucked away from necessities that we ordered.

Some people call it the spending leaking, impulse buying, mindless spending. The label doesn't really matter – what does is understanding that we all have blind-spots.

Little places in our finances where we know we're spending something, but we're not aware of just how much it is.

Inspired by the incredible site and story of Break the Twitch, I want to share some personal about how easy it was for us to slip into mindless spending and how we found a way to make sure they don't sabotage our finances.

In this episode we get into:

  • finding your financial blind spots
  • breaking the mindless spending twitch
  • developing habits that can enrich us and allow us to spend better

Hope you enjoy!

Resources for More Intentional Living When our lives didn't match up with our budget, we knew we had a financial blindspot. Here's how we broke our Amazon addiction and saved thousands of dollars!

Are you ready to have your spending more aligned with what really matters to you?

Here are some great resources to shift your mindset and create better habits!

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