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Financial therapy: how it can help you two sync up

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With money fights being the main cause of divorce, many couples could use some financial therapy.

Learn habits and techniques you can use to make money talks less stressful and more productive!

Is Financial Therapy Right for You?

Money problems are usually symptoms of a much deeper issue. It can be within our relationship – how we communicate or it can an issue we ourselves have like anxiety or depression.

From our personal experience and hearing from other couples, it can be more common than you think.
And that matters because if you don’t get to the root, it can keep popping up.
And in some cases cause damage.

Financial education is crucial, but sometimes you need to a specialist. I’m not a therapist, but I do know one and she’s here to help.

Kine Corder is here on the podcast to cover some problems and bumps couples experience when dealing with money.

In this episode, we get into:

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Get on the Same Page with Money

Learning how to work as a team isn’t automatic (especially if you two have completely different approaches to money).

Here are some resources to give you the tools and habits to stop fighting about money and start winning.

Jumpstart Your Marriage and Money Course

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