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Between the pandemic and the financial fallout, many couples are struggling. Here are five key takeaways to start gaining some financial stability!

Pivoting Your Finances Through New Habits

I hope you are doing well, are safe, and healthy. 

We’re just starting June but I think Jason Vitug pointed out on Twitter, “This is indeed the longest shortest year ever.”

I started this mini-series after the pandemic created a hard stop on so many things. Things are starting open up, but many couples in our community are still dealing with the financial fallout. 

Depending on where we were on our financial journey, our experiences can seem tremendously different. 

With the mini-series, I wanted to address a few of those different scenarios. The first episode was geared for those who had seen their income drop due to fewer hours or loss of a job. 

The next episode was those of us who are treading water to speak – still have their jobs, but no safety net if that changed. 

This episode I want to talk about what you can do if you were further ahead in your finances. How can you use this experience and turn this into something positive? 

How can we pivot our finances? And bigger picture – can we use these lessons learned not just help us, but in a position to help others too?

Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®) Bob Lotich is on today to share what habits he and his wife Linda changed on his and eventually their journey together towards becoming debt-free. 

Joe Mecca from Coastal is back on to share some takeaways on shifting our finances and coming up with a plan during these tumultuous times. 

In this episode we’ll get into:

  • Crucial steps you can take to shift habits and your money
  • We’ll also dive into how to get your spouse on board
  • Lessons we can take from this crisis to use to better prepare ourselves and help others

Let’s get started! 

Resources to Easily Stay on Top of Your Money

Here are some resources we mentioned in the episode as well as some other handy articles to check out:

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