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Homeowner Bills: Moving and Settling In

Prepare Your Finances Before Buying a House

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We're moving along with getting the house ready for us. Since we gave our 60 days notice to the leasing office at the apartment, we’re not in a rush this time for the move.

We’ve been moving some of the smaller boxes over the last week into the new place that was still packed up.

Should You Hire Movers or Do It Yourself?

Next weekend we’re having a painting party to get the whole place done in one shot.

After that, we’ll hire a moving company to take care of the rest of our furniture which will be the couches, appliance, etc.

You'll have to decide if movers are right for you because it varies greatly depending on your circumstances.

Since we had moved ourselves (and with the generous help of friends) in December to the apartment, we're willingly to pay this time for movers to get the big furniture and items into the new place.

It pays to run the numbers and see what is a better use of your time and money.

Switching Utilities and hunting for Deals with Cable

We currently have the electricity and gas on in both the current apartment and the new town house.

Once we move into the town house, we’ll turn off our services at the apartment.

I also used this as a chance to find a better deal with some of  our services. Our cable company had an offer for the 3 in 1 bundle package of cable, the internet, and phone for $135.

Unfortunately, that wasn't a better deal than what we have now.

Currently we have basic cable, high speed internet, and phone for home for $54/month.

By creating our own bundle package and managed to save quite a bit of money. The trick is to find out which services you use the most and then only get what you need for the rest.

Skype has given us unlimited calls for US and Canada and serves as our land line. Voice mail is also included with the price. We also have used Skype to keep in contact with friends in Guam.

Once we’ve adjusted to the new house, I’ll write a post up on utility costs between the places to give you an idea of the home owner bills.

Redirecting Mail

Since your utilities will be switched to the new address, you just have to make sure the other bills are being sent to the new place.

The easiest option I found is going online and using the US Postal Service’s Change of Address Form.

You can still get the paper form at your local post office, but I really liked the convenience of the online form.

Your Take on Moving

How did you handle the move to your new house? What tips can you share on keeping it reasonable?

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