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5 Tips to Makeover Your Bathroom without Breaking the Bank

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Want to makeover your bathroom, but you're on a ight budget? Get a great new look for under $1,000 with these tips!

Our three bathrooms still have the original finishing and are starting to look dated. Although bathroom remodeling costs have a high rate of return at resell time, it would be a pretty penny to tackle three of them!

Makeover Your Bathroom on the Cheap

This is where my hours of watching HGTV are finally paying off. Here are five ideas for making over the bathrooms with a low price tag.

Replace Light Fixtures

Swapping out out of style light fixtures with a current style can quickly refresh the look of any room.

Be sure to pick a style that will integrate with the overall design and look of the room.

The price range for a new light fixture can range from $20 to over $500, but you can find a very nice light in the $50-$100 range.

Frame Your Mirror

I've noticed the trend in bathroom mirrors is to have them framed. Ours are the traditional style of mirror which is affixed directly to the wall.

One of my friends told me about kits to frame the mirror without having to remove it from the wall.

Since our mirrors have started to lose some of the silvering around the edges, this solution has the extra benefit of masking that problem.

The kits are available in a wide variety of finishes and materials with a price range of $150 – $250.

Change the Color

Yes, painting the room a more contemporary color is a fast and easy way to refresh the look of a room. But did you know that you can repaint that pink or blue bathtub?

It is a lot of work due to the requirement of sanding down the entire fixture before applying the porcelain paint. However, it can save a lot of money especially if your bathtub is tiled in.

Since toilets and sinks are relatively cheap, I would replace them versus repainting.

Reface Cabinets

It can be costly to replace bathroom cabinets, especially when they're attached to or built into the walls.

A trick you may know from kitchen remodeling is to replace only the doors. New doors can move the look from the 1960's to contemporary.

We need to strip the white paint off our cabinets and refinish along with attaching new doors.

Replace Hardware

The hardware I'm speaking of includes the faucets, toilet paper holder, towel racks and cabinet handles or pulls.

Make sure the style for all of these are complementary and the same color. These are easy to overlook because you see them every day but can add up to making the room look old.

Just because you don't have $10-30 thousand dollars doesn't mean you can't remodel your bathroom.

What changes do you want to make at your home?

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