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20 Money Saving Tips for Summer

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Looking to grow your bank accounts or pay down debt faster? Use these 20 money saving tips this summer to build wealth and still have fun! 

Making the Most of Summer (While Saving!)

It might be unofficial but I'm going to take it. Summer is here and I am so ready for it!

With longer days there's more time to explore things around town or just get away for a weekend (and of course it's beach time).

The tricky part of summer – especially when you have little ones – is making sure you don't go broke.

So to wrap up this season, I’m going to share how you can save a grand this summer!

We’re going to look at 4 areas and show you 5 ways to save.

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Hope you enjoy!

Getting the Best Deals

If you’re out shopping (whether online or in-store) make sure you’re getting the best deals!

Some of my favorite apps and sites have made it easier to snag a discount or if the price drops, get a refund.

If you want to make your money go further here are some great apps and sites to use:

Another area you can really save on is your family smartphone plan.

There are some fantastic deals out there besides the big companies where you can get the service and coverage you need at a competitive price.

I use Republic Wireless and love them. They have an incredible line of phones. I have two lines with them and pay less than $50/month!

You may also want to look at providers like Ting, Freedom Pop, and StraightTalk.

When shopping online, hold off on those impulse buys you may be able to score a better deal by leaving before the purchase.

I had a site send me an email afterward with the same item at a cheaper price.

You may also want to switch to incognito mode when on shopping.


While you're browsing, sometimes those cookies can give away certain pieces of data that can affect the price depending on the site you're going to.

How do you do it?

Boost Your Savings

If you’re looking to ramp up savings here are some great apps and services to try out.

They can help you track your money quickly and easily.

You also want to make sure you’re keeping a visual reminder of what you’re saving towards. It can keep you motivated when you’re in the middle of things.

And of course, automate your savings. It’s not doing you any good until it’s stashed away.

Frugal Foodie

I’ve been writing for Couple Money for almost nine years and I will tell you that one of the biggest budget busters that couples have is eating out. Break this cycle by:


Come on. You can't talk about summer saving steps and not mention vacations and getaways.

Summer is a fantastic time to get out of town and explore someplace new. Using sites and apps like Skyscanner and CheapOair can make your money go further next trip!

I hope you have an incredible summer vacation!

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