2015 Summer of Savings

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I want this summer to be your best ever and while I can't give you all a free family vacation, I can do the next best thing – show you how to save a ton of money!

Let's Make Some Money with a Summer of Savings

Starting next week (June 1st) look for new posts on every Monday and Thursday here on Couple Money on how to jump-start and build up your savings.

Some areas we'll cover:

  • Slash your monthly bills
  • Master the art of a fun and frugal date night
  • Earn more money on the side

My goal for every post is to help you put aside at least $50 from each tip.

I also have an unofficial policy to make sure when you do cut back your spending it's not because you're depriving yourself (so no PB& J lunches for work).

This isn't a financial diet; I want you to be able to use these tips beyond the summer.

If you want to boost your savings even more, please subscribe to the Couple Money Podcast, I have wonderful interviews coming up!

My hope is that you guys will have a nice sized money stash (27 tips x $50 = $1,350 ) for your family by the end of August.

Date Nights and Family Vacations

Believe it or not, I'm starting off the summer of savings with nights out and vacations. Because I don't think that saving money means having less fun.

All through June I'm going to be showing you how you can enjoy relaxing (or thrilling if that's your style) debt-free vacations and getaways. I've been compiling an awesome list of apps, sites, and resources to get the best deals.

If you love discovering and supporting local hot spots, I have some ideas to make your date nights memorable.

Save Some Money, Win Some Money

As an extra bonus to the money we'll be saving, I want to throw in some more money.  I'll be doing a contest based on the theme of the month.  I'll be picking one Couple Money newsletter subscriber, so if you haven't already, please sign-up today!

So for June, share a picture (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) from your own $20 date night (or girls/guys night out) with #20dollardatenight and tag me. I'll confirm you're a newsletter member and enter you for a chance to win $100!

Yep, $100.

More details and everything will be up in the newsletter next week. Don't miss out!

Come Join Us!

If you're interested in joining the summer of savings challenge, please introduce yourself in the comments.

It's not required, but I'd love to chat with you and hopefully we can encourage one another to succeed.

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