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Effective Ways to Save Money On Your Electric Bill

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With summer time approaching and the weather heading toward hot, some people will be running their air conditioners soon. They may also be worrying about their electric bill.

We too have been looking for ways to lower our utilities. Last year we signed up for Progress Energy's EnergyWise program.

In addition to getting a $25 credit annually, we also agreed to have a device installed on our air conditioning unit. It's been small savings, so that's a nice improvement on our budget.

Cut Your Electric Bill

It's not hard to reduce your energy expenses. In fact much of it is about being aware of the small things, such as:

With a bit of effort you can keep your bill low this summer. I'd love to hear from you and get your advice. How do you save on your electricity bill?

If you're looking for even more tips, this infographic has some additional ways on how to save money on your electric bill.

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