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Getting a Rebate for Winterizing Our Home – Too Good to Be True?

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Looks like Duke Energy is offering another way to save money and upgrade homes.

Last year we received a letter from them inquiring whether we'd be interested in joining their Energywise program.

We signed up for it and got a small rebate this summer.

Now they're offering their customers up to $500 cash rebate for winterizing their place through the Home Energy Improvement Program.

Before we decide to sign up for it or reject this offer, I went ahead and started poking around their site to see what it's all about.

Home Energy Improvement Program from Duke Energy

The program lists contractors you can use and energy projects that you have done that can you can get a rebate for.

Some projects include: 

Just looking at the choices I'm kind of curious about the attic insulation. Our house is fairly new, but I don't know off hand the R rating of the current insulation. Progress Energy covers improving insulation to R-30 from r-19 or less. Anybody have an idea on how to check that out?

Home Energy Improvement Program Criteria

Before you can take advantage of the program, you should check to see if you qualify. Checking their site, right now you need to:

Once the work is completed, you'd submit a rebate request and receive your cash incentive. It seems pretty straight-forward, but we won't know until we do ourselves (or someone leaves a comment about their own experiences).

If you're interested in the program, go ahead and give progress a call at 1-866-990-4347 (Monday – Friday) to get your specific questions answered.

Thoughts on Duke Energy's Rebate Program

I'd like to hear from you. If you're a current customer, are you going to sign up for the program? Why or why not?

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