Saving Money with Republic Wireless

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Besides the family bills, I'm looking at trimming my business expenses. Last week I decided to lower my phone bill by switching to a cheaper plan with Republic Wireless.

I had been using them while their service was in beta years ago and I've been happy with the service and coverage.

However, I saw with new plans they've started offering a $10/month text, talk, and data  service that would be a better fit for how I use my phone.

Yes, $10 a month.

How Republic Wireless Works

For those who haven't heard of Republic Wireless, let me explain how they can offer such low prices.They offer several cheap smartphone plans through hybrid calling.

Hybrid calling has your phone use Wi-Fi for calls, web, text, and all things mobile. If there isn’t Wi-Fi available then your phone uses the cellular network. With so many Wi-Fi spots around the company is betting that it can help customers save money.

It's a disruptive technology that big companies like Google are entering into and that will hopefully lead people consider other options that are more affordable for their cell phone service.

Currently, there are four plans that Republic Wireless offers starting at $5/month for a very basic wi-fi plan and leading up to a $40/month 4G plan.

Republic Wireless offer cheap unlimited cell phone plans.

Choosing the Right Smartphone and Plan

With their service, you buy your phone, there are no subsidies Republic Wireless currently offer three cell phones – Moto E, G, and X.

Republic Wireless currently offer three cell phones – Moto E, G, and X. The Moto E is an entry level phone ($99) that can be a good deal for those who want a smartphone, but don't really use all the bills and whistles.

The next step up is he Moto G, a very affordable and capable smartphone that starts around $149.

Finally, the Moto X is a powerhouse phone if you want a high-end model. The first generation is $299 and the latest edition is $399.

When looking at how I use my work phone, the Moto G was the best deal. It had everything that I needed.

While the $25/month plan was tempting, the $10/month plan made more sense. I need to be able to contact colleagues and clients everywhere. Between my home and the area I travel there is plenty of Wi-FI so the 3G looked unnecessary.

The good news is I can change my plan twice month and there is no contract. It made my decision much simpler.

When the phone came in this week, it only took 10 minutes to transfer over my contacts, set up my apps, and start using it.

Thoughts on Saving with Smartphone Plans

If you’re interested in using Republic Wireless to cut back on your cell phone bill and still have unlimited talk, text, and data, then sign up today.

I know that there are other providers and I can't try them all, so please share who use you for your cell phone plans.


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