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I can certainly understand trying to save money. We review our expenses from time to see if we can get a better value. I realize employers are the same.

We found out a couple months ago that my husband's company was changing up both the health insurance plan and the retirement providers for 2013 to save money and hopefully still get great service.

Switching Health Insurance

With health insurance, we are going from Blue Cross and Blue Shields, which we had for years and moving on to Cigna.

The deductible is the same as before ($1,500) and we're supposed to get comparable coverage.

I just took the little one to the doctor this week for a check-up and it looks like the wellness visit is 100% covered.

That's great because all of her doctor visits so far have been regular check-ups and we don't want to start paying out of pocket.

Unfortunately one of our doctors is not in network with Cigna and so we would have to pay for the visits out of our own funds if I wanted to continue seeing her. That isn't great, but since my appointment is a bit away we have time to figure out what to do.

Changing Retirement Provider

As you know my husband has been regularly contributing to his 401(k) to make sure he gets his match from the company.

Now with a new provider, the investments made should be exactly the same.

I'm hoping that checking in on the account will be easier than the previous provider's site. My husband had some trouble with it before.

Wait, why haven't we noticed a change already? That's because they are migrating the accounts and hopefully my husband can login to his account next. I'll then be able to complete our net worth review.

Thoughts on Reviewing Work Benefits

Overall, we're doing alright with the benefits. It's just a transition for us. I'd love to hear from you about your job.

How are the benefits going for you this year? Have you had any changes at your job with the benefits? Is it better or worse?

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