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Garden Tips from Personal Finance Bloggers

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I am now officially a personal finance blogger. Do I have 5,000 subscribers? No. Do I have a 100,000 visitors a month? No.


Fresh tomatoes are great for homemade salsa.

I reached a bigger miletone- I have a garden.
It seems like many personal finance bloggers are now only getting their finances in order, they're cultivating their own little productive land.

Don't believe me? Check out my gardening round up below, it's a good group. I wrote about my garden tips and experience over at Five Cent Nickel.

It's definitely a learning experience, but I'm really enjoying it. Having fresh herbs and foods from our little garden and our friends' gardens is a great improvement with our meals.

In case you're curious about what we have in our spot, here's the list.

Some of the plants are ready yet, so I'm waiting eagerly to have some watermelon.

Resources on Starting and Maintaining your Own Little Garden

If you're thinking of starting a garden or you want to improve the results of your garden, here are some wonderful posts from other personal finance blogs.

Frugal Dad

Five Cent Nickel

Get Rich Slowly

The Simple Dollar

Being Frugal

Your Take on Personal Finance and Gardening

How many of you have a home garden? How long have you've been taking care of it? If you're not on the lists, please let me know in the comments. I'll include a link to your garden post.

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