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Time for a New Washer and Dryer

Almost 3 years ago, we got a washer and dryer from Craigslist for $150. The set served us well, but eventually they broke down. We decided to go ahead and get a new set and went hunting around. Fortunately we found what we needed at a very reasonable price – it just took some time.

We had a little problem getting someone to help us purchase the set. Requesting our feedback, here's basically the email I sent to Best Buy describing our search-

We were hunting for a new washer and dryer set and narrowed it down to Best Buy or Lowe's. Since Best Buy was first we stopped in to if there was a sale.

Can Someone Help Us?

Indeed there was a deal and we decided to go ahead and order the set for delivery. No one was at the appliance department (we waited 10 mins) so we went to the tv dept and asked someone at the service desk if they could page someone to help us. He kindly said he would do so right away – he was finishing up with a customer.

We continued to wait by the washer and dryer and my husband said we should just go ahead and leave. As we were I saw a rep at the computer dept named Rodney. I explained to him that we needed help at the appliance dept.He apologized on behalf of the store and told us he would find someone. He left while we went back to the appliance dept. A few minutes later he came back saying that someone will be here to help. He offered to check inventory to speed the process up. He was professional and kind. While we were still waiting, Rodney checked up on us time to time. We were getting a bit upset, but Rodney's calm demeanor and friendly small talk persuaded us to stay longer. Once he returned to his department to help out, we waited 5 more minutes and started to leave.

Manager Swoops In

A manager came up and I asked if he was here to help since we've been waiting. He said he would help us and after we told him the situation he apologized profusely. He then worked with us and was able to schedule delivery, haul away, and explain the extended warranty options. Like Rodney, we appreciated the courteous service and the friendly small talk. It alleviated some of the annoyance of waiting to get service.

We're grateful for the services of both Matt and Rodney as we were able to get courteous service and a good deal on our washer and dryer. If they weren't there I'm pretty sure we would've left much earlier and headed to Lowe's down the street to get what we needed. We hope they get recognition for their work – friendly and professional employees are the reason we shop at Best Buy in the first place.

Quick and Easy Delivery

Happy to report that the guys came this weekend and got our washer and dryer delivered in almost no time. As part of delivery they hauled away our old set – which helped us.  In the end we're happy and hopefully next time we shop, we won't have hunt down people to help us.

Frustrating Shopping Experiences

Have you ever had an annoying shopping experience like ours? Were you able to get it resolved or did the store lose you as a customer?

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  1. That’s the thing with a place like Best Buy, in order to help keep prices low they don’t always have the help you might get at another store.

    • I was bit disappointed. We usually purchase from the computer department at Best Buy which seems to always have plenty of people. It just felt odd having a department with no one manning it or at least someone checking it.

  2. Home Desperate loses me as a customer all the time since their workers play hide and seek. You can never find someone to help you. I’ve driven out of my way to get to Lowe’s because of that.

    • That’s really bad! This trip was completely different from our usual Best Buy experience, but it definitely left an impression.