Paribus: Money Back in Your Pocket

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Find out how Paribus can automatically track price drops to save you time and put money back n your pocket when shopping. 

Before making big purchases, we try to find the best deals. One thing that frustrates me is after I do all of this research to get a good model and great price and a week later, the price drops.paribus

I've caught this a few times, but with working from home with two little ones, I don't have time to fish through everything.

Fortunately there is a way you can make sure you're not missing price drops, automatically – Paribus.

How Paribus Gets Your Money Back

Many stores (online and off) offer a price guarantee which is awesome. The bad news? Most of us are too busy to keep tabs so we can file a claim.

Paribus does it for you, saving you some extra money.

To get started, you connect your shopping accounts and email with them.Find out how Paribus can automatically track price drops to save you time and put money back n your pocket when shopping.

You shop online and if the price drops Paribus files a claim with the store so you get money back.

Yep, it's really easy. The money you save with them can be use for some of your goals, such as paying down debt, house down payment, or your retirement fund.

(Bonus: For those living debt free, having Paribus is a wonderful way to get some cash back without having to rely on using a reward credit card!)

How Paribus Makes Money

You may be wondering how Paribus can make money. The answer is they take a cut of the money the save you.

I'm okay with that as I find the value of having someone watching my purchases (and getting me some money rather than no money back) for a refund worth it.

Signing Up with Paribus

You can find out more about Paribus and sign up right here. You can also get an updated list of the merchants they work to see if they're a right fit for you.

You can try it – they offer your first saving for free – to see for yourself how easy it is to put money back into your pocket.

Thoughts on Paribus

I'd love to get your perspective Paribus. How many of you have tried them? What's been the biggest savings you had with them?

Disclosure: I get paid a referral commission for anyone who signs up and saves. However, I use Paribus for our household purchases so I'm a big fan of their work and think they can save you money. 

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