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I think it's interesting to see how other people spend on things they enjoy. I share some of our discretionary expenses from time to time. After doing last month's net worth review I thought it would be great to review Rock Band 3, both the game and the costs.

Sneak Peak at E3

When we messed around with it at E3 this past summer, I fell in love with the game play.

I was really excited to see that you can actually learn how to play the music for your favorite Rock Band songs on the new PRO mode. You can pick up lessons for guitar, keyboard, or drums.

Game and New Keyboard

There are 83 songs on rock Band 3 and like they've done before, it's a mix of genres, time periods, and skill levels. The new Rock Band 3 introduces a new instrument – the keyboard.

Total Costs and Re-Playability

One of the gripes of Rock Band is the fact that you need to buy the instruments to play the game. Honestly if you're not careful, it is easy to go overboard and spend a small fortune on it.

You can go all out and add the mic and keyboard stand or you can have a guitar tree. For me, I'm using a coffee table as a keyboard stand and my hands for the microphone.

Tally Up the Game

If you're looking at building a band from scratch with Rock Band 3, here are the prices for the instruments.

  • Rock Band 3 Disc – $59.99
  • Keyboard – $79.99
  • Drum Set with Cymbals – $129.99
  • Rockband Guitar – $59.99
  • MadCatz' Mustang Guitar – $149.99
  • Microphone – $29.95

You're looking at over $350 to get a basic band up and running. It's definitely not a cheap game and as you can see I didn't include the accessories mentioned above, which can raise that amount even higher.

The regular guitar for Rock Band doesn't support Pro mode, but it's perfectly fine and fun to use with bottom mode.  If you want to until a real guitar/game controller is created, then Squier by Fender Stratocaster Guitar is the one. It's expected to come out in the spring, which is great since it gives some players time to save up $275 for it!

That's too much for me and I already have an electric guitar I can use if I become proficient enough from the game. Cool gadget though.

Why Pay So Much for One Game?

I think the first thing that jumps out for all the frugal readers is the huge price for one game. Doesn't seem like a good deal, does it?For us, it came down to the social nature of the game, the chance to pick up a skill, and the replayability of it.

I think it's one of those games we'll be playing over and over again. Will we get the previous versions of Rand Band for the music? We'll have to see about that. I don't want to get anything unless it has pro mode available and even then, I would look for a sale.

Thoughts on Rock Band 3

How many of you picked up the new game? Are you getting the Mustang or are you waiting for the Squier? What's your favorite Song to rock out to?

If you're into video games, how do you make sure you’re not overdoing it?

Photo Credit: Megan Hodge

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  1. Yikes the real guitar control sounds expensive but at least it will be a strat and I love the idea you can learn using the game.

    • The real guitar control is too much for our budget, but I think it’s an interesting direction for the series to go. Learning an instrument is motivation for me and I hope to be able to play a couple songs soon.

  2. Woah! That is some real cash for a video game.

    Is this social aspect actually real? I mean do you have buddies come over now and play older versions of the game (if you have it). Yeah, its cool but there is no way I could get my friends over more than 5 times to play the game.

    • Good point! I think rotating with different people can help out with the social gaming, but I get what you’re saying. We tend to have friends over several times a month and the game is another activity we can do with them.