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Use Price Alerts to Get the Best Deal

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Last week we saved $40 more than the next lowest price on a holiday purchase. This was achieved without leaving the house and dealing with any Black Friday crowds by using an online alert.

The Purchase – Video Camera

My husband and I decided to get a pocket video camera for Christmas this year. Since I'm the one most into technology items, I did the preliminary research and after discussion selected the model with the features we wanted. Our plan was to get it in one of the day after Thanksgiving sales.

The plan didn't work so well because although there were plenty of Flip cameras on sale, they were mostly the smaller memory or an older model.

Deal Alert

A couple of days before Thanksgiving I decided to put an email alert in for the camera on Slick Deals. Only registered users can set up a deal alert, but it is a free registration. Just enter the forum you want to check and the keyword desired.

I entered just the words “flip camera” to get as many results as possible and selected immediate notification so I would get an email right away. You can also get a digest format daily.

Results – We Got the Camera!

Black Friday dawned and although several messages had been arriving each day, none of them were the model wanted. We thought we were going to have to pay the regular discounted price at Costco or Amazon.

Halfway through the day an email came in and it was for the right model and even the preferred color. Amazon had dropped the price from $171 to $129.

I bought the camera immediately and a few hours later the price was back up! The best part was not getting up early and heading out in the cold.

Price Shopping Alternatives

There are many websites that will monitor prices and send email notifications of changes. An example of this type of service is Price Pinx. You tell it the product and website to monitor. Many even specialize in just Amazon price drops such as Online Price Alert.

Have you used a price alert to help find the best deal and where?

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