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What We Spend Money On: Eating Out

cutting back on eating out

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A few weeks ago I shared how we spend money on video games, now I wanted to share another expense- dining out.

It think this is probably the biggest expense in our discretionary budget.

While we cook at home many times, we love going out to eat with some friends (and sometimes just on a date night) and enjoy the night out.

Limiting Dinners Out to Enjoy Them More

When we go overboard on eating out of the house, not only are we hurting our wallets, but we're not enjoying dinners out as much.

They stop feeling special, at least to me, and hate that. I want to appreciate those times we spend together.

Our Favorite Spots in Raleigh

It's hard to pick all the places we enjoyed, but I figured if anyone is in Raleigh, they should definitely check out these places.

This is not a complete list by any means, so if you have a favorite in the Raleigh area, please share it in the comments.

Planning Out Date Nights

To help us, we're going to plan out our meals more so we don't feel tempted to eat out so often.

I might try out copycat restaurant recipes for some things. It wouldn't hurt to learn something new.

We'll also have better control on how it's prepared, which could help us cut some calories.

Your Thoughts on Eating Out

I'd love to hear what you think – do you believe going out often affects how you feel about it? 

How do you keep your spending in check with eating out?

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