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Money Master Mom Interview

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As a member of the personal finance community, I’m amazed at how many people are a part of it. Unfortunately that often means that I can’t always keep up with everyone. It’s a shame because there are some wonderful bloggers with their stories and advice on handling finances responsibly and with fun.

To counteract that and get the word out on other bloggers, I’ve started the Sunday Blogger series. It’s my hope that you’ll discover some new voices in the series.

This week Mandy from Money Master Mom was gracious enough to take some time to answer my questions.

Why did you start Money Master Mom?

Everyone was telling my husband and I we should write a book because of our achievements in personal finance.  We felt books were outdated, and our grammer and spelling needed work, so we started blogs instead.

How long have you've been involved with finance and blogging?

We've been supercharging our families finances since we got married in 2005.  In 2005 our net worth was 33000, its now over 600000  Derek has our PF history on his blog at Free at 33.

Our blogs are less then a month old…. they still have some issues but we're getting there.

How do you handle your own finances? What system do you employ with budgets, investing, and careers?

We pay ourselves 600 a week to pay all of our family expenses, we don't have a mortgage payment anymore, we killed our mortgage  2 years ago.

I know most people say they paid their mortgage off.  We like to say we killed it, feels more triumphant and glorious that way.

Previous to this year we've only invested in stocks.  The market makes us nervous going forward so we've started real estate investing this year.  Our jobs are both lucrative, but I'm pretty much always on maternity leave.  I've been on leave longer then  I've worked 🙂

What's the biggest financial mistake you've ever made? What did you learn from it? 

Buying stocks on margin in 2008 before the crash was a pretty big lesson to learn.  Leveraging assets to but stocks can be dangerous only seasoned investors should go this route.  Most recently taking a big position in Research in Motion in the form of options.  We really need to start employing a stop loss OUCH!

What are your goals this year and beyond with Money Master Mom?

The blog is a hybrid mommy/personal finance blog.  I'm hoping to increase readership, and the big goal is to help woman (mommy or not) to start caring about personal finance,and harnessing the power of PF.  Woman would benefit greatly by improving their ability to spend their cash, time and energy on things that they value.

Thanks to Mandy for taking time out of her busy schedule to do the interview! Please chat with her on Twitter or Facebook; she's incredibly sweet. If you’re interesting in being interviewed as part of the Sunday Blogger series, please email me.

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