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Please Read These Personal Finance Blogs!

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I'm taking a detour from my usual topic of family and finances to share some bloggers that I enjoyed this past year.

If you look at WiseBread's list of personal finance blogs, you'll see that there are hundreds of site out there.

It's impossible to keep up with all the new blogs that come (and unfortunately go).

As a way of saying showing my appreciation for their effort and to help you find valuable information, I want to share five blogs that I love reading.

Who are they? I'm glad you asked.

Smart Family Finance

Shaun has been blogging only at Smart Family Finance for a few months, but he's at the top of my list for reading. I start off with him because his informative posts have helped energize me as I got back into blogging following my short maternity break.

It started with reading a post about average family budgets – I love reading posts with statistics about real people's finances.  I also enjoyed Shaun's tips and tricks on what to buy and what to avoid at the grocery store. There is a a lot of helpful advice in his posts and he does a fantastic job making it understandable.

Surviving and Thriving

She's the brains behind Surviving and Thriving a blog that is not so much about finance, but about living life with grace, humor, and frugality. Don't believe me? Check out her thoughts on gift cards and kindness.

When she gave her presentation at the Financial Blogger Conference this year, I made it a priority on my schedule to attend, which is saying a lot since my baby girl was only 2 months at the time.

Not only did she rock her presentation she managed to inspire other bloggers to improve their writing beyond SEO copy and develop a unique voice. She's a big blogger (writes at MSN and Get Rich Slowly), but you couldn't tell because of her humility.

Punch Debt in the Face

I never though one of my favorite sources about finances would be from a Ninja that drew hilarious stick figures, but Punch Debt in the Face is that kind of site. He covers the populat topics in personal finance (student loans, mortgage, and net worth) but with his flair.

While I  love reading Ninja's well thought out and funny posts, the comments on many of his posts are just as informative and entertaining. He has a great community on his site and it shows.

Yes, I Am Cheap

Sandy is real and she's funny. That's how I'll start off my description – with her and then I'll mention her awesome blog at Yes I Am Cheap.

I met her in Chicago for the personal finance conference and she is the perfect person at networking events – funny, interesting, and honest.

Please don't get on her bad side, you won't survive (just look at her take on Bank of America). On the other hand, she can also write one of the best posts I've read on the importance of being there for others.

Sandy is a driven blogger and love following her journey out of debt. I also enjoy her other site on the ugly side being a landlord. I can't wait to read what happens in 2012.

Budgets Are Sexy

I would put J Money on this list just because of the awesome work he and Nate have done with Love Drop, but he's also a fantastic money blogger over at Budgets are Sexy.

The man has EVERYTHING to help you get your act together. Do you need a budget template? He's got you covered. Want ideas for profitable side hustles? He's been sharing those on his site. The man even has a site that is all about giveaways!

That's what J is about at his core – helping others. I only wish him and his family the best. If you visit his site, please congratulate him – he's going to be a dad!

Thoughts on Favorite Blogs

I have several more personal finance bloggers that I follow regularly, but I just wanted to make sure I spread the word on a few that have inspired me. How about you? Who have been some of your favorite bloggers this past year? Who do think is a hidden gem?

If you're a blogger think about sharing your favorite blogger(s) on your site. It's a nice way to introduce readers to some wonderful writers on there on the web.

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