401(k) retirement

Open Enrollment: How Much Should We Contribute to Our 401(k)?

Want to maximize your 401(k) this year? The first step is figuring out how much to contribute. Today we discuss how much you need to put in to retire! How Much Should We Put Into Our 401(k)? We’re wrapping our open enrollment series! In the past couple of episodes we’ve discussed what you need to […]

Master Your 401(k): Optimizing Your Investments

Want to optimize your 401(k) investments? Learn how you can minimize needless fees and choose an effective and efficient way to invest!  This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more info.  When’s the last time you two have reviewed your 401(k)? Don’t feel bad if it’s been awhile. We know firsthand […]

Finding the Best Banking and Investing Accounts

One of the best ways to keep your money working for you is to make sure it is stashed in the best bank and investment accounts. Every couple has their particular preferences on what they are looking for, but there are some basic requirements that you no doubt want to keep in mind so your […]

Rolling Over Your 401(k) and Boost your Retirement

This Tuesday, my post on rolling over your 401(k) was on Five Cent Nickel. After it went live, I was browsing through and found an article on the Wall Street Journal’s site talking about some of the disadvantages of keeping your 401(k) with your old employer. Leaving $100,000 or More with Old Employer’s 401(k) What […]