asset allocation

Finding an Investment Strategy That Works for Us

Every so often it pays to go ahead and review your portfolio. With 2014 over, I spent this week checking up on things to make sure we’re staying on course with our investments. Since I’m looking at our accounts, I thought it might be helpful to explain our process and strategy. Index or Actively Managed […]

Asset Allocation and Your Age – What You Need to Know

Want to set up your retirement accounts, but don’t know where to start? One of the most effective ways to reach your goals is make sure your accounts are properly allocated. What’s Asset Allocation? The main idea behind proper asset allocation is maximizing your portfolio’s return while minimizing your risk. While maximizing returns seems clear, […]

Asset Allocation – Deciding for My IRA

As I’ve noted with our latest net worth update, my husband has his 401(k)contributions automatically deposited to receive his company’s match and I have a Roth IRA that I’m contributing towards. The year is winding down and we’re checking our finances to make sure we’re sticking with our goals. I’ve been working on and adjusting my IRA’s asset […]