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15 Easy Ways to Save on Baby Expenses

Learn how you can save on your baby expenses while still giving your baby the best!  Score Big Savings on Baby Expenses I decided to consolidate some of the best tips and advice I’ve heard and read so far from others into a list that you can print out and put on your fridge. Consignment […]

How Much Do We Need to Save For a Baby?

Having a baby girl has been a wonderful blessing for us. As we’re settling into her 3rd month, we’re constantly surprised at how quickly she’s growing. When we found out we were expecting, my husband and I decided that we were going to set aside some money to cover baby expenses. If you’re in the […]

Are Your Kids Expensive?

Part of the fun of being  a blogger is receiving feedback from all of you. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the costs of raising kids and how they aren’t always as expensive as the estimates quoted say. Sharing Your Costs with Raising Your Kids It certainly got great responses and I enjoyed reading them. […]

Breastfeeding or Formula? Looking at the Costs

There are definitely many opinions to breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, but that’s a discussion for a parenting site. I want to look at the costs associated with each of the feed options. Each family has to decide what will work best for them. I’d like to share tips on keeping costs down for whichever method you choose. Hopefully parents who […]

Birth and Labor Class – Finding the Right One

In our quest to be prepared as parents (we know you’re never fully prepared) we signed up for a birth and labor class with the hospital we plan on having the baby in. There was no shortage on opinions and feedback with family and friends on what class we should take, how we should give […]

Getting Diapers at a Discount – Possible?

Babies are not cheap. As our baby’s due date approaches, we’re becoming more and more aware of the financial costs of our new family member. As we’re preparing, I’ve been asking family and friends for their advice and their opinions on what we need to get ready. The one item that kept getting mentioned to […]

7 Baby Essentials for Grandparents

Baby items were long gone from our home when we became grandparents and had our infant granddaughter over a few years ago. Her parents brought a baby bag with diapers, wipes and extra clothing but we quickly learned that the visits would be more enjoyable for all with the addition of some baby items at […]

5 Expenses You Will Forget in Your Baby Budget

Congrats! You and your spouse recently learned the pregnancy and can’t wait to see this little angel arrive. Besides being caring and loving parents, you have certain financial concerns and want to make a “baby” budget to get everything handle. Here are 5 expenses you probably did not think about. #1 Health Insurance As a […]