car repairs

Always Get a Second Opinion

For those who have been curious about our car drama, I’m happy to report we got an update to share. If you remember from my original post, my husband took his car in to get the air conditioning fixed. With the heatwave it became even more important to get this done. However, we were blown away by […]

Big Car Repairs Needed for the Toyota

It’s time to repair the Toyota Celica. Before I get into the numbers, let me catch you up on how we ended up with a large car repair estimate. Air Conditioning Out and It’s a Heatwave In case you’ve been missing it, it has been extremely hot where we live, with temperatures reaching 100 and the heat index […]

Spending Money on the VW Jetta This Week

This weekend was a bit hectic as the VW Jetta broke down while I was out with a friend. When I tried to start the car it shook and we called to have it towed to the mechanic. My little Jetta has been doing pretty well, so I was surpised to see it have this problem. […]

One Car Family This Week

Planned Car Repair Bill – Sharing a Car It’s time to repair the Volkswagen.  My car has been having some problems, and after getting an estimate from our local mechanic, we decided to have the car repaired Monday. I was pretty proud that we planned ahead and had our schedule worked out for Monday and have the money […]