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Cheap Smartphone Plans Guide for Couples

I remember my first cellphone – it was a Nokia; small enough to fit in your hand and had that very data green screen. I think it was a free phone deal with SunCom (remember them?) that was a part of an unlimited plan for $50/month. That feels like a lifetime ago. The phones have […]

Guess People Want Cheaper Smartphone Plans

Guess people are really curious about getting a $20 smart phone plan. Since I posted it earlier this week, I’ve been talking with friends, family, and readers about it. Since I’m know using 2 phones during this review period, people have asked me about the service. It seems like people would love to cut their […]

How to Save on Your Smartphones

If you are like one of the countless American’s who have to deal with the monopolistic telecommunications, you’ve probably dealt with the same problem I had today. I walked into the local Verizon store and purchased a two-year contract with the iPhone 4. I have seen everyone walking around with the little black device and […]