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Best Plans to Pay for Your Kids’ College Expenses

No parent wants their kids to go deep in debt, but whether it’s college or trade school, education can be pricey. Learn what options are available and how to best save up for your kid’s college expenses! Paying for Your Kid’s Education and College Expenses Right now the average price for a public four-year college […]

How to Find, Save, and Make Money for Your Kid’s College Fund

Want to sock away money for college, but are on a tight budget? Here are the best ways to start and grow your kid’s college fund!  This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more info. If you’re a parent, helping your kids to avoid or minimize college debt is a big concern. […]

How to Start Saving for College and Open a 529 Account

Overwhelmed with trying to figure out college savings? Learn how you can quickly start and grow a 529 for your kid’s college fund! This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more info. Making College Funds Easier with CollegeBacker CollegeBacker co-founder Abby Chao joined me as a part of a marriage and money […]

How Much to Save for Our Kids College?

Last week I looked into when to start saving for college for your child(ren). I shared some financial milestones I thought parents need to be on top of before they sock away college money. Looking at the comments on the post, there were many differing and strong opinions. Some saying that it’s never early to save […]

When Do You Start Saving for Your Child’s College Fund?

From time to time, I get feedback from Couple Money readers. It’s something that I enjoy and try to respond to. Preparing for the Baby’s College Fund After my recent post on preparing the baby’s nursery, Becky emailed me a wonderful question on another baby expense parents think about: I was wondering if you were going to […]