couples and money

One hang-up people have with budgets is that they have to do a line by line review of of all of their expenses and income. For those new to budgets or people who are busy already it can seem overwhelming. If that’s you, proportional budgets may be the way to go. And for a practical […]

As individuals we all have our strengths, weaknesses, passions and different outlooks on life. This especially is true when dealing with finances as we usually prioritise our expenses according to our needs. It is because of our different needs that couples so very often find it difficult to manage their finances together. Couples and Budgets […]

When it comes to a marriage, something that many couples often have problems agreeing on is their finances. Let’s face it, no one wants to live in debt or live uncomfortably because of the number in their bank account. We all want to be able to have the money to buy the things that we […]

Marriage and change go hand in hand. Our friends who have been married have stories of the struggles and triumphs they’ve gone through together. Looking back, most say that the milestones that they reached took a ton of effort and compromise. Since we’ve been married we’ve dealt with: started a business had 2 kids bought […]

Have you ever been surprised by your spouse’s purchases? Let me be more specific – have you ever been surprised by how much your spouse spent on something and NOT tell you first? I’m not talking about sneaking around and hiding something but making a purchase from the joint account without consulting you. I ask […]

The wedding was beautiful. The honeymoon created lifelong memories. Now, you return home to settle in to your new life and into your new reality. Before you took the walk down the aisle to wed your new spouse, you were debt-free. You had low or even no credit card balances, and you were on the […]

‘Financial Independence’ and ‘Financial Freedom’ are popular phrases on the internet, but what exactly does that mean? More importantly, what does that mean to you? What is Financial Freedom? It takes some reflection and it takes time to answer questions that you may have about financial freedom. Some people define financial freedom by their net […]

This is a guest post from Lakita Fane of Personal Finance Journey, a website that offers encouragement, education and advice to those on the road to financial freedom. What Would You Do If You Were Anticipating a Financial Windfall? Depending on the circumstances surrounding the payment, emotions could be high. To prevent making moves you’ll […]