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Money & Marriage: Handling Your New Spouse’s Debt

The wedding was beautiful. The honeymoon created lifelong memories. Now, you return home to settle in to your new life and into your new reality. Before you took the walk down the aisle to wed your new spouse, you were debt-free. You had low or even no credit card balances, and you were on the […]

Financial Freedom as a Couple

‘Financial Independence’ and ‘Financial Freedom’ are popular phrases on the internet, but what exactly does that mean? More importantly, what does that mean to you? What is Financial Freedom? It takes some reflection and it takes time to answer questions that you may have about financial freedom. Some people define financial freedom by their net […]

What We Spend On – How Real Life Couples Use Their Discretionary Income

This is a guest post from Lakita Fane of Personal Finance Journey, a website that offers encouragement, education and advice to those on the road to financial freedom. What Would You Do If You Were Anticipating a Financial Windfall? Depending on the circumstances surrounding the payment, emotions could be high. To prevent making moves you’ll […]

Ask the Readers: Hiding Money from Your Spouse

Hiding money from your spouse can ruin your marriage and finances. Learn how you two can instead sync up with your money and goals! It’s time for another reader question! As always, you can send yours in by filling out this form! Hiding Vacation Bonus Money at Work This weekend I received an email from […]

The His and Hers of Personal Finance

Handling Money as a Couple How do two separate entities, that is, a newly formed couple, blend their previously separated financial lives? Certainly it is not an easy endeavor. However, even if a couple ultimately decides to have separate accounts, this is a conversation that needs to happen. And conversation is the key word. So […]

Year End Review 2010: Income & Expenses

The year is winding down and we’ve been looking back over the past year. During our anniversary trip this month, we reflected on the highlights of 2010 and now I want to review some of our finances. For the first half of the review I wanted to look at our income and expenses for the year. For some of you, it’ll look familiar as […]

Why We have Joint AND Separate Accounts

How can you have a blog called Couple Money without discussing the topic of joint or separate accounts? Having either joint bank accounts, separate bank accounts, or a combination of the two is a very personal and emotional topic and tends to lead to some great debates. I want to start off saying that what we […]