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Merging Money: Dealing with Credit Cards without Fighting

Are you two trying to deal with credit cards, but can’t agree? Merging finances as a couple, especially credit cards, can be stressful. Couples, Credit Cards, and Compromise It seems like opposites attract with money – one of you loves to put things on your credit cards while the other wants to go the debit route. […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score

If you don’t normally give much thought to your credit score, but find you’re being rejected by lenders maybe now is the time to take action. Your credit score is essentially your credit reputation, or your history as a borrower. Since your credit score reflects your financial history, it gives lenders a basic idea of […]

How Do Mobile Payments Work?

  A few weeks ago my hair stylist swiped the credit card on her iPhone and then handed it to me to add a discretionary tip and sign the charge with fingertip.  I entered my email address for a receipt and it was in my inbox before I made the short drive home. That experience […]

Living off of Cash, Not Credit?

Last week, I covered getting out of credit card debt. I tackled some ways you can dig yourself out of debt without paying a debt consolidation company. Now I wanted to talk about the pros and cons of using credit cards with your finances.  There are a few personal finance bloggers who are very vocal […]

Getting Relief from Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt – Tips to Get Out of It Before I got married, I had some credit card debt due to a combination of bad budgeting and impulsive buys. I worked hard and managed to get out of debt, giving me less stress. I know I’m not the only one who has been with […]