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How to Build Your Credit, Dealing with Differences, and Money Dates

Today we’re discussing how to build your credit (and raise your score), winning your spouse over with finances, and how to do a money date!  Raise Your Credit Score, Money Dates, and More Today‚Äôs episode is kind of brought by….. you. Yep, it’s the community mailbag show where I go into the questions that you […]

How to Raise Your Credit Scores

Are you two house hunting (or plan to be soon) and want to get the best rates? Here are five effective ways to raise your credit scores!  While your credit score is not the most important (or really accurate) indicator of your financial health, it has a huge impact. Lenders look at your credit score […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score

If you don’t normally give much thought to your credit score, but find you’re being rejected by lenders maybe now is the time to take action. Your credit score is essentially your credit reputation, or your history as a borrower. Since your credit score reflects your financial history, it gives lenders a basic idea of […]