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The Secret Sauce to Financial Independence & Early Retirement

Want to retire early or achieve financial independence? Learn the one KEY habit that has helped couples retire in their 30s! Achieve Financial Independence Together Over the years, as I’ve interviewed couples who are financially independent (with some retiring early in their 30s!), I’ve noticed certain patterns and behaviors that have lead them to those big […]

How to Achieve Financial Independence Through Big Wins

Looking for financial independence and early retirement? Justin shares how he was able to retire at 33 and which expenses were the big wins.  I have a millionaire next door…okay, not next door, but really close. This week Justin from Root of Good came on the podcast to discuss how he was able to retire […]

How To Retire Early – Without a Six-Figure Salary!

With some strategic money moves, Rob and his wife Sara will be retiring by 40. Find out which small changes have had the biggest impact and how you can use them to retire early! Money Hacks: Small Changes, Huge Impact Having high income can be a fantastic aid to speed things along towards early retirement, but […]