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Marriage & Money: How to Talk and Work on Your Finances Together

Trying to pay down debt, but having a hard time talking about money? these tips helped us to get on the same page and win with our money goals! One of the biggest reasons marriages break down is money problems. Remember your marriage is much more important than money. You can improve your marriage and finances […]

Should We Loan Money to Family?

Are you two fighting over whether or not to lend money to family? Learn how you can help your loved ones out without messing up your money and marriage!  The Stress of Lending Money to Family Should you loan money to your family whether it’s yours or your in-laws? It can be a very tricky subject […]

Cost Cutting Strategies for Newlyweds

Starting out is always difficult for young couples and newlyweds. Most often, younger adults haven’’t faced with the stress and strain of the increased burden of financial responsibility. Beginning a life together has its own set of difficulties and hurdles and often money only exacerbates the issue. Solving financial problems isn’’t going to make a […]

Getting a Spouse on Board with Finances

From time to time I get questions from readers and so far I’ve been getting some wonderful emails about family and finances in the real world. Today I want to share an email from a family who has accomplished much. This husband wants to keep his wife on board with the momentum. I’ve edited it a […]

Agreeing to Disagree: Toyota Celica Update

I mentioned earlier this week that we’re having some big repairs for the Toyota if we want to keep it. It looks like we’d be shelling out thousands of dollars. I wrote how I wanted to get a second opinion before making a decision on whether to repair or replace the Toyota. So did we get one? Nope. Different Ideas on […]

Prioritizing Health Over Finances

I received a message this weekend from someone I know that was having a crisis. He was upset and was feeling completely over his head with all of his problems hitting him. This was a bit over my skills, so I’m hoping you have some tips and advice to help him. The good news is […]

How Far Apart Should You Space Your Children?

When a couple decides to have a family, they usually agree on how many kids they want.  They may even decide how far apart they want to space their children.  However, many people fail to consider the financial implications of spacing children. My husband and I have three children.  Our first is 6 years old.  […]

My Most Important Financial Tool

Want to know what my most important financial tool is? What do you think? Budget? Emergency savings? Cash flow statement? Financial planner? Nope, none of those. My most important financial tool is my wife! Let me explain. We’re On The Same Page My wife and I talk to each other about our financial goals and […]