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6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas

If you haven’t filled your gas tank recently, you’re in for a real surprise at the pump. Right now the current average for a gallon of regular gas in the US is $4.31. That’s a sharp increase from even just a week ago when it was $3.72! How to Save on Your Gas Money While […]

May Fuel Challenge Check-In #4

This is the last week of the May Fuel Challenge! Instead of going on a road trip this weekend, we’re having a staycation and having family and friends visit us. It’ll save on gas of course, but it also gives us a chance to unwind. I’m hoping to take our baby girl to the pool in a bit and get […]

May Fuel Challenge Check-In #2

It’s another Monday, so it’s time for me to check in with my own progress with the Fuel King/Queen Challenge. I had a fuel up this week and it wasn’t pretty – I got 22.8 miles per gallon this tank. Ouch! I have got to get back to getting 28-30 miles per gallon. I’ve been doing […]

May Fuel Challenge Check-In #1

It’s Monday, so it’s time for me to check in with my own progress with the Fuel King/Queen Challenge. I started this Challenge as a way to save some money to pay off the student loan faster. Now, in just a few days of taking the challenge I’m embracing the friendly competitiveness of it. Please remember to leave your progress in the comments below […]