Identity Theft

How to Protect Yourself Against Financial Scams and Fraud

Part of protecting your finances means managing your accounts, both online and offline. Today we’ll share how you can protect yourself against fraud and scams! Keeping an Eye Out for Scams and Fraud Being on top of your accounts is an absolute necessity if you want to protect your finances. Between the scams, fraud, and […]

Identity Theft: What to Do If Your Wallet or Purse was Stolen

Protect yourself from identity theft and minimize damage with this handy guide on what to do when your wallet or purse is stolen!  My Wallet was Stolen, Now What? Have you ever had your wallet stolen? I did the summer while I was out of town and it was a series of headaches. If you’re […]

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft can not only ruin your finances, it can also be emotionally draining as you try to rebuild. If you’re looking to protect yourself, here are some ways you can become more secure. Keeping Your Personal Information Secure The good news is that you can prevent some of your information getting out by taking a […]

The Equifax Data Breach: What to Do if You’re Affected

As Irma is wrecking havoc on her path, there’s a mess (thankfully not life threatening, but also very damaging) that you may be dealing with it now. Equifax Data Breach Last week, one of the credit bureaus,  EQUIFAX, announced they had a massive data breach this year. Approximately 143 million Americans have had their personal and […]

How to Fight Back Against Identity Theft

With so many people shopping in stores and online, scammers are all too happy to grab your data and financial information. Even if you’re vigilant about protecting your information, it may not be enough. Data breeches are in news as thieves find other ways to get what they want. I want to share tips on how […]