joint bank accounts

How to Master Your Joint Bank Accounts

Ready to grow your money this year? I’ll share five tips to help you master your joint bank accounts together! Managing Your Joint Accounts Mastering your bank accounts is absolutely crucial to getting on the path to financial freedom. We did a video a few weeks ago talking about whether or not joint accounts are going […]

Want a Happier Marriage? Combine Bank Accounts

Are you two looking to dump your debt faster and start building wealth? See how joint accounts can help you can do both with a lot less stress! Joint Accounts – The Way to Go? There are strong feelings on the pros and cons of sharing checking and savings as a couple. I totally get […]

Finding Best Bank for You

I think it’s fair to say that most readers are looking to get better results with their finances. One of biggest changes you can make with your money is optimizing your banking system. Why Your Bank Matters If you ask people about their banks I think many would either be apathetic about the no frills of their […]