Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money

4 Game Changing Habits To Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money

Want to jumpstart your marriage and money? Here are 4 game-changing habits that real-life couples have used to reach their biggest money goals together!  This week was especially sweet for me because this time last year my book Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money was released. Jumpstart was specially designed for busy couples. It’s based not only on […]

5 Money Books for Couples Looking to Become Financially Independent

Want to retire early? Here are the 5 best money and marriage books on financial independence! Some of the best investments you can make with your marriage and money are books. 5 Books for Financial Independence Out of the different topics about finances, one of the more popular ones is this idea of financial independence. […]

Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money is Out!

Today is the day! Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money is out and I want to say thank you so much. Honestly, I started Couple Money because we needed it. While there were some wonderful personal finance sites out there, I couldn’t find one that addressed the complexities, awkward conversations, and rewarding wins of being […]