kids and money

How to Teach Your Kids About Money (w/o Being Boring!)

Want your kids to be generous, responsible, and money savvy? Here are four ways to teach your kids about money (without being boring)!  Money is not the most import thing, but learning how to manage it is a crucial skill. As parents, we want to prepare our girls to be able to pay the bills, save […]

Introducing Money to Kids

If things seem quiet lately on the site it’s because I’ve been slowing down in preparation of the (hopefully soon) arrival of our second daughter. The house has been cleaned, the bags have been packed, and everyone is on stand by. I’ve been spending this month making sure that all of my obligations for work have […]

Are Kids Really That Expensive?

Becoming parents this summer has been the biggest change in our lives. So far it’s been a blast with our daughter. She’s such a happy and laid back baby. We did our best to prepare for the big event including emotionally and financially. I’ve heard from people (friends and online blogging buddies) that raising a […]

3 Ways To Set Up Your Kid’s Allowance

Different strokes for different folks, as they say. The same is true for handling teenagers and how to give them their allowance. Some parents may find it easier to give them a monthly allowance, but some may find that their teen ends up spending it all before the week is through. Here are three strategies […]