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4 Tips to Make Filing Your Taxes Easier

Want to make taxes this year go smoother? Learn four easy ways on how to set up and review your finances to have some big money wins this year! This week on the podcast we talked about getting ready and maybe just a bit excited for tax season. Naturally, most people don’t jump for joy […]

Want to Finally Knock Out That Debt? Here’s What You Need to Do

Want to finally knock out that credit card debt? Here’s what you need to do this week to get started! When you’re tackling big goals for the first time or are trying to really achieve a win this year, it usually means that something has got to change. The whole ‘New Year, New You’ thing is […]

How Much Should You Tip?

Going out for dinner and drinks or taking a trip? Here’s an easy gratuity guide to help you know how much to tip!  As we’re preparing for our trip to Denver this week, we’re going over our budget for a few things we’d like to do. It’s not a line by line budget, but a […]

The Smart Way to Build Your Emergency Fund

Most people know having some savings is a smart money move, but don’t have enough stashed away. Learn the smart way to build and grow your emergency fund! How to Build and Grow Your Emergency Fund Having a financial cushion is a goal of many families as they are building their finances. Emergency funds are essential […]