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How to Build Your Credit, Dealing with Differences, and Money Dates

Today we’re discussing how to build your credit (and raise your score), winning your spouse over with finances, and how to do a money date!  Raise Your Credit Score, Money Dates, and More Today’s episode is kind of brought by….. you. Yep, it’s the community mailbag show where I go into the questions that you […]

The One Date That All Couples Should Do on a Regular Basis

Trying to get on the same page with your finances? Learn how money dates work to help you two work as ateam on your big financial goals while having fun! One of the easiest ways you two can connect with your finances while having fun is having regular money dates. What are Money Dates? No, […]

How to Have the Money Talk as a Couple (without Fighting)

Looking to dump the debt and build wealth together? Learn how you two can have the money talk without starting a fight!  Talking About Money with Your Spouse In this week’s episode, we’ll be discussing one of the biggest concerns couples have when it comes to love and finances – having the money talk. When […]

Year End Financial Reviews, Overcoming Setbacks, and Simplifying

Today we’re wrapping up the season with how to overcome setbacks and plan for your best year!  Financial Wins, Overcoming Setbacks, and Planning for Your Best Year How has this year been treating you? To be honest, things have been a real roller coaster.  We’ve made several trips this year to visit loved ones in […]

Take the $20 Date Night Challenge!

One of the best ways you two can build your marriage and money is by going on more dates. If you’ve been reading this site or listened to the podcast, you know how I feel about money dates. They can be wonderful opportunities to not just review the numbers but have some candid conversations about what […]