mortgage payments

Mortgage Payoff Progress for 2012

It’s the end year, so I’m reviewing a bit of financial progress we’ve made. Today I want to look at our mortgage on our home. Like our monthly net worth reviews, we looking over the numbers to what we’ve done to see what worked and what didn’t. This system has worked well for us as […]

Bumping Up Extra Mortgage Payments

This year we’re moving along¬†with¬†our goals, last month we saw an small increase in our net worth and we’re looking to build on that momentum this month and the rest of the year. Extra Mortgage Payments and Saving Transfers Spiderman learned that with great power comes great responsibility. Since my husband received a raise this […]

Calculate Your Down Payment Fund With Zillow

We have been planning on buying a house since we got married, but before we start looking at homes we want to have our finances in a good spot. We also know we need to get a good down payment for the place. How Much How House Can We Afford? First, though, we needed to […]